Who We Are

Joshua and Cathryn McLauchlan launched Vizall with a goal of making data analysis and visualisation more accessible to journalists.

That passion has shifted to empowering other industries, businesses and individuals with a simple tool that fixes errors, filters and finds trends in a spreadsheet, then displays the data as a simple and beautiful map, chart or table.

Vizall started coming to life in late 2018, beginning its first trials in early 2020 with interactive maps featured in coronavirus, welfare and lotto news stories.

Cathryn McLauchlan

Cathryn is a data journalist with a passion for finding solutions in the news industry. She has a keen interest in interpreting data, coding and teaching others how to work with spreadsheets.

Joshua McLauchlan

Joshua is a software engineer with a passion for solving big problems. He completed his computer science degree in Auckland and has been working in the field ever since.

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