The story of how Vizall came to be as a data visualisation and cleaning tool and how you can get started for free.

How Vizall will make data analysis and visualisation easier for you

As an Adelaide Advertiser journalist a few years back I often needed to spruce up a story with interactive maps, charts or tables, but it was hard to find the right tool to help. There were plenty of data viz tools out there but none helped with the slow data cleaning and analysis steps.

I also struggled to find good interactive map builders for comparing data across suburbs and council areas. I used Google Fusion tables, but that was buggy and slow. After days (or more) of data cleaning, analysis and map building finally we could hit publish, but the process was far from enjoyable. It was stressful and unsustainable, really.

The nail in the coffin was when Google Fusion shut down in 2019. I panicked because I didn’t know where else to turn.

With no clear solutions, Vizall is born

I mulled over these challenges with Josh – my husband and business partner – and we decided to build a solution ourselves.

Our goal was to help journalists and other professionals clean, analyse and visualise data quickly and without coding skills. We worked hard to bring Vizall to life for three years in the dodgy office extension of our small two-bedroom home. Today we launch with hopes and prayers for a long, exciting future. Our mission is to optimise, innovate and help you make sense of data easily, quickly and accurately.

Why Vizall will save you time and money

As a web tool operating in the browser no installation is necessary. It’s easy to sign up and start accessing data cleaning, analysis and visualisation tools to help you and your news, marketing, finance, real estate or many other teams make sense of data.

Vizall spots and fixes issues like spelling mistakes and inconsistently formatted numbers or addresses. It gives data insights for use in online reports, news stories and research papers, then turns the data into visualisations to embed online.

The whole process from start to finish can take as little as 10 minutes for a XX row dataset. Save time, money and the hassle of outsourcing your data analysis and visualisation needs.

**Vizall also improve your team’s data literacy skills with each use. Simple tips and explanations help you think like a data analyst, understand the numbers and make visualisations stand out.

What you can expect in the next XX months

We have a list of priorities to make Vizall the best tool for you. Bar charts, line graphs and improved searchable tables to engage more with your audience launch soon. There’s point maps on the horizon and we’re constantly refining the data cleaning process.

You can try Vizall out with a one-month free trial – no credit card details necessary. Also during the launch period we’re offering a XX per cent discount on Pro for the first year.

Happy Vizalling!

We’re always open to feedback or feature suggestions so please email us anytime.