Clean and analyse data to download or share through beautiful maps and tables. Work entirely on the web, no software or coding skills required.

Captivating Maps

Vizall began from a need for easy data analysis and map creation using Australian geographical borders like suburbs, electoral boundaries, postcodes and council areas. Easily design your graphic with flexible colour palettes, text boxes and legends.

The story of how Vizall came to be as a data visualisation and cleaning tool and how you can get started for free.

Embed in Seconds

Hit publish and an embed code is produced immediately. Make changes to your data or tweak the map as often as needed, republish and watch as your embeds automatically update.

Data Cleaning Made Easy

Upload a spreadsheet, grab a coffee and let the data cleaner guide you through fixing errors and formatting issues, validating addresses and calculating statistics, ready to download or transform into a graphic.

Create Searchable Tables

Choose from regular tables or add a search bar for complete simplicity when there’s many rows of data. Customise column titles and sort the data. Embed with ease using the Publish button and make changes as often as needed.