Using Vizall for Public Relations and Marketing

Data is transforming the way we work – and public relations and marketing are no different. From analysing campaign results to making predictions about future events this rapid technological change can be both exciting and daunting.

However there’s a growing number of resources available to help teams expand their data capabilities. Here are some good places to start:

The examples below show how Vizall can help you make the most of data to improve workflows, engage with customers and wow your clients.

Understand demographics and wow your clients

Without advanced data skills you can understand your target audience better – such as looking at customer engagement by suburb -or identify gaps in a market using Vizall interactive maps.

Keep client records organised
Digitise your client list and make it simple to find names or contact details, whether you have 50 or 500 contacts.
Vizall’s data cleaner can tidy up client addresses for you, identifying the ones that aren’t valid and fixing spelling mistakes or typos. 

That list of contacts can then be easily transformed into a searchable table, making it easy to find records for individuals, businesses, addresses and more.

Create content for press releases

Take client press releases up a notch with interactive elements and data insights to back up their messages.

Vizall can help to identify findings in data with the Statistics tool, clean up data so that it’s free of errors, and create interactive maps and searchable tables to paint a clearer picture.

There are plenty of ways Vizall can help you get more from data without coding or analytics skills. Try it now with a free account at

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