How Vizall can help you as a small business owner

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Cater to your growing data needs as a founder with Vizall.

As a small business or a growing start-up it’s overwhelming choosing from the range of products available to aid your growing company. 

Vizall can help you as a founder to research your market, keep track of data and create blog post content; and the best part is you can do all of that for free.

With automated data cleaning and visualisation, you don’t need much experience to start finding insights hidden in the numbers.

Here are some examples where you’ll get value as a small business owner or founder from Vizall.

Visualising demographic groups

One small business owner Jess wanted to visualise her potential customer base in Adelaide. As the owner of a birth program she wanted to find couples under 35 with middle to upper income brackets.

She started putting demographic data together from Australian Bureau of Statistics, first in a Google spreadsheet then in Vizall.

Jess hadn’t spent much time working with data so she reached out for tips. We set her up with a personalised guide on finding the data she needed and transforming it into interactive map.

"I look at my map when I need inspiration for my targeted marketing campaigns and to choose the best markets to sell my products.
Thank you!"

Jess kindly shared her final map with us, which focuses on Adelaide and some surrounding regional council areas. It uses entirely ABS 2021 Census datasets and her own demographic groupings.

Keeping contacts or other info organised

As another use case, a founder launching a winery restaurant next month might be looking for an easy way to keep track of stock.

He signs up to Vizall and uploads his wine list, creating a searchable table in less than 10 minutes for himself and his staff to access.

He could also make tables to keep a record of customer or staff contact details.

Please note the example below includes a small number of established wines from across the world, obtained from the CellarTracker website.

Interactive blog post content

You can use public datasets to further your research and share discoveries with your audience, no matter what industry you’re in.

For example, a real estate agency’s marketing team could create and embed an interactive map showing house price growth, highlighting the best pockets for investment.

Or perhaps the founder of an education technology start-up is looking to understand schools in their city better before creating a targeted advertising plan.

The founder may wish to gather enrolment, attendance or demographic data to begin research. Using Vizall he could gather useful data summaries (averages, maximum/minimum, most frequently used words etc) and visualise findings.

Next Steps

Get started with a free account at and enjoy unlimited data cleaning and visualisation.

When you join you can also become part of our Data Literacy Facebook community where you can read tips, share creations and ask for help. Head over to the group and request access to elevate your data skills.

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